Who is Mick Dodge

Who is Mick Dodge

One of the newest nat geo television shows that is taking the country by storm is called The Legend of Mick Dodge. It follows the life of Mick Dodge, a fellow who says he left civilization for the Hoh rainforest 25 years ago.

The show does a great job of keeping the viewers interest by using a narrator to help things move along. However Mick’s wonderful sense of humor and straight forward personality drive the show.  He loves his home and it shows in how enthusiastically he verbalizes his beliefs.



The legend of Mick Dodge is a show for everyone. Whether you’re an outdoorsman or not, Men and woman of all ages enjoy following Mick’s day to day adventures, sprinkled with life lessons, which he makes interesting and fun with his quick wit and fun loving personality.  He never misses a chance to educate his audience in outdoor living either; whether it’s using an outdoorsmans life jacket when he gets in the water or how to protect ones lower legs while traversing the forest Mick adds his own twist to survival.



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Who is Mick Dodge?

Mick Dodge is a personality. That is what people in the know follow. That is all I will say here. Anyone that asks “who is Mick Dodge” will no doubt be researching forever and at the end will only think they know. Mick is a personality that has a great story to tell and my hats off to nat geo for helping Mick to get the story out.

He is a man that is connected to nature. He loves the outdoors, especially the Olympic Peninsula. He wants people to reconnect with nature and stay physically fit by using nature as the gym. Above all he communicates respect for nature and all its resources. Perhaps his connection to Olympic Mountain Earth Circle says it all.

It proclaims on its website:

The Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom CircleOMECis a nonprofit organization established to transform human beings and our relationship with the Earth. OMEC inspires people around the world to heal themselves and their communities and to enjoy a passionate, sacred relationship with the living Planet we call Home.





Mick Dodge: Barefoot Sensei

I have yet to find out who has added this moniker to the list. However it fits well if you follow the show “as is”. Mick has been quoted in the Peninsula Daily News the importance of wearing rubber boots in the Olympic Peninsula. If you get to know Mick, even like I have through newspapers and magazines you will know enough to not take the literal meaning all of the time. The “Barefoot Sensei” enjoys going barefoot when he can to feel the earth under his feet and feel closer to mother earth as well as many other reasons I’m sure.

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